Written by Karen McLeod August 5, 2016

So, you’ve been here a year! That qualifies you as a local. Time to adopt a pet! Not so fast. But hold on while I back up about 40 years to make my point.

Stacey: Laura, did you pick our tomatoes?

Laura: No.

Stacey: It’s totally fine if you did because my mom said to let you. So, did you?

Laura: Uh, huh.

Stacey: Ha! I just said that to trick you into telling the truth.

Stacey and Laura were my neighbors and we were about ten-years old at the time. It’s one of those moments that just stuck. Even though I’m 50 now, I had the same loss of innocence-type feeling recently.

I completed a 5-page application at WAG to adopt two kittens. Applying for a passport was simpler. Our family went in, met some kittens and bonded with a couple of tabbies, Solar and Comet. We got the call a few days later that we were rejected because of WAG’s strict policy of not allowing cats outdoors.

I said, why don’t you just say so up front, save us the trouble? I mean, the form asked, will you let your pet roam freely outside? And if not, how you would provide it with exercise?

It was a trick question!

Her reason was, people lie. So, their adoption process is based on, people lie. Three weeks later, I’m still sad or something about it.

*Names have been changed.