Written by Karen McLeod

August 15, 2016

Yup, something for everyone! If you are not part of the mountain biking culture, stroll down the village for some schwag (free stuff).

Dirt diaries is the event where debaters on the definition of “culture” can come together. Six athletes were invited to assemble a team of riders and videographers to produce a video showcasing their passion for their sport. The four to six-minute videos began production in June and will be screened in Whistler Olympic Plaza Tuesday, August 16th .

The Great Canadian Cheese Rolling Competition is a scream.

What is Cheese Rolling you ask? Pretty much what it sounds like. Imagine a pack of cheese-loving Canadians chasing an 11-pound wheel of cheese down a hill — slipping, tripping, and tumbling their way towards the finish line with reckless abandon. First one across gets the cheese plus two ski season passes to Whistler Blackcomb.

It’s even crazier than it sounds. Race or watch. They’ve got plenty in store for everyone, including live music, tastings, cooking seminars, costume contests, terrible jokes, and a market featuring some of the best cheeses in Canada.