Written by Karen McLeod

Everyone’s been small talking about it, wasn’t the village this summer just the busiest you’ve ever seen it? Yes, it was. And tourists are my bread and butter, so I’m not complaining.

At the same time, I always look forward to the fall shoulder season, to the restaurant deals, the changing colors, and the quiet break from living in a resort. But the last three nights, fireworks woke me up around midnight. Three nights! Sent my heart racing, couldn’t get back to sleep.   And Thursday and Friday, someone was smoking weed in my yard, I’m pretty sure. It was that strong. The neighbors overheard me telling the kids, maybe it’s a skunk. They said, no, it’s not a skunk. I asked them, are you smoking marijuana? The sixty-something man and wife who own the house replied, no. We thought you were. No. I sniffed around my teenager and his friend. No.

Dear partiers, please keep the shoulder season sacred and resume your parties when the mountains open. Cheers!