Written by Karen McLeod.

Every November, I find it hard to get used to the cold. I can’t imagine sitting on a chairlift and heading up to even colder temperatures.

Right now, I am sitting by the fire with a view of the container garden on my deck. I really need to deal with it before the snow falls, but it’s so chilly out there. And while many of my friends are going to Cornucopia’s House Party tonight, I can’t wait to get under a throw and watch the next episode of The Crown.

The Crown is a Netflix original series, but it looks more like BBC. If you’re still sad about Downton Abbey ending, this is your rebound show. It’s missing the beloved subplots of the servants, but between a constitutional monarchy and a 50’s husband who has to bow to his wife, there is plenty of tension.

The character who plays Queen Elizabeth has mastered the “So, you’re asking my permission, but it’s not my decision?” look. It’s the look my husband gets when I ask if I can buy new boots.

Last night in episode 7, the queen tells (off) Churchill, drawing on something she was taught as a girl: there are two elements of the constitution, the efficient and the dignified. The monarch is the dignified and answerable only to God. The government is the efficient. This may be stretching (reversing and convoluting) it, but I think it means that this princess gets the boots in the window of Domani (they’re terribly dignified).