Written by Karen McLeod

I was in the singles line for the Whistler Gondola Friday (it had snowed a meter overnight), when three boys joined a fourth AHEAD of me. No manners on a pow day? The dad of one or more of them suggested the other line because he wanted them to stay together, so they knew they were in the singles line, but when they got to the front of the line, as I expected (and experienced in the past), they asked the gondee if they could go in pairs. And he let them. Why, gondee, why?

Later in the day, two boarders ahead of me waved their slower friends past probably twenty people in line, more if you count all five lines that merge. If they want to stay together, shouldn’t the fast ones wait for the slow ones and then get in line?

Song of the year at the CMAs this year goes like this:

Hold the door, say please, say thank you

Don’t cheat, don’t steal and don’t lie

I know you’ve got mountains to climb,

But always be humble and kind.

Nuff said.