WOW has it really been two years since a weblog update. Well a lot of stuff has been happening within Whistler Wired, we have acquired more properties, we have just recently renovated our office due to our expansion and needed more administration assistants. We have recently hired Sebastian, Matt and Kieran, we are very happy to have them working with us and have been great additions to the team. Unfortunately, one of our long-time members of staff Adam is leaving us for greener pastures in Kelowna where he is buying a house and planning to settle down, we are very sad to see him leave but we know he will be very happy where he is heading. Another loss to our team is Tim one of our maintenance guys, who is heading back home to Australia but has plans to come back. Our new addition Matt is now in charge of our social media pages so expect to see more of an online presence from us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our website has also been updated with Winter 2018/19 prices, however some are still unavailable until closer to the season.

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