Whistler Bungee, British Columbia’s highest and most pristine year round bungee jumping site, located 15 min south of world renowned Whistler Village Resort, off HWY 99. Experience bungee jumping in the beautiful wilderness of the Whistler Resort Valley nestled between old growth forests and rugged basalt column cliffs. Feel the exhilaration of jumping from a 160ft (53 meter) bridge spanning 300 ft over the glacial fed Cheakamus river. Whistler Bungee has an unblemished safety record and its jump masters and operators have over 17 years experience.


Chest/Waist Harness: Jumping with a chest and waist harness provides both superior comfort and safety at the same time. The chest and waist harness keeps you in an upright position throughout the rebounds and allows you to see more of the canyon while you are waiting to be retrieved. Different cords can be used for this type of jump to either give a faster, higher rebound or a softer slower rebound.

Ankle Harness: The traditional way to jump, gives the ultimate adrenaline rush as you fall head first towards the river. We always use a softer cord for this type of jump so there is less of a jolt on your body when the cord engages. The waist harness provides a secondary safety harness and allows you to be upright while you are being retrieved.

Tandem Harness: Too scared to jump by yourself, or a romantic way for a couple to feel the rush together. Yes, you can jump tandem at Whistler Bungee. The way it works is that both jumpers are put in individual harnesses and are first hooked separately to the cord then hooked together as well. We recommend that the couple do not weigh more than 350 lbs unless you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Disabilities: The great thing about Bungee Jumping is that almost anybody can do it including people with disabilities. The only thing that you need to be able to do is have pretty good finger and hand dexterity so you can attach the retrieval line to the harness system. The way it works is if you want to go off in your wheel chair we first put you in a waist and chest harness then we rig a separate harness system for the wheelchair. This way we put all the force on the chair and none on the person, this will not damage the wheelchair in any way. The easiest way to do this is we get 3 strong people to pick you up and throw you over the railing. Tons of Fun.

Pre-Booking Required All Year Round
Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

COST   » $140 tax included  (1st time) includes transfers from Whistler  *Free t-shirt with every jump.

GROUPS : ( 10 + )
Organise a group of 10 or more and receive discount pricing.
$115 /person  ( tax included )
$10 for transportation if required.
Call to Book

If you have jumped at Whistler Bungee before then you are a member.
$80 /person  ( tax included )
$10 for transportation if required.
Call to Book

*If you do not have your own vehicle, we can assist you with transportation.
  It is complementary with your first jump and at an added cost of $10 for members and $20 for spectators.