Terms & Conditions


1.        SECURITY DEPOSIT: The Guest will provide a security deposit in the form of a pre-authorization (hold) on their credit card at time of check-in. The security deposit can be charged for Guest or Guest parties\’ infractions including but not limited to objectionable behavior, damage, fines, repairs, replacements, excessive cleaning, late check-outs, incomplete check-out responsibilities at Accommodation or common property as solely determined by Wired. Cleaning billed at CAD45 an hour plus 5% tax. Repairs will be billed at cost plus 10% service fee plus 5% tax.


a. CAD 5,000 – 2924 Big Timber Court, 2980 Big Timber Court, Pinnacle Ridge 3

b. CAD 3,000 – Snowy Creek 3, Pinnacle Ridge 23, Pinnacle Ridge 34, Sunridge 3816, Sunridge 3855, La Joya, Le Chamois 510

c. CAD 2,000 – Royal Suite, Snowy Creek 4, Snowy Creek 30, Pinnacle Ridge 5,

Pinnacle Ridge 6, Pinnacle Ridge 30, Pinnacle Ridge 36, Upper Wedge Penthouse, Mountain Star 16, Woodrun 208, Northern Lights 25, Northern Lights 34

d. CAD 1,000 – Gables 46, Goldenwood 8361, Le Chamois 305, Pinnacle Ridge 37, Pinnacle Ridge 38, Snowy Creek 15

e. CAD 500 – Glacier Lodge 205, Fitzsimmons B, Fitzsimmons C

3.        OBJECTIONABLE BEHAVIOR NOT TOLERATED:  This accommodation is a family friendly environment and not the right choice for loud, late night party groups making a disturbance.The guest is responsible for treating the Accommodation, neighbors and common property with respect. This includes but is not limited to no loud parties, not returning noisily to the Accommodation, not using the hot tub past 10 pm or any objectionable behavior that may disturb the peace and enjoyment of neighbors or others.

4.        EVICTION:  Wired retains the right to without warning evict the Guest and Guests’ group for objectionable behavior as solely determined by Wired. No refunds will be issued and all costs associated with the eviction will be deducted from the Guest’s damage deposit.

5.       FINE FOR EXCESSIVE NOISE:  Quiet time is in effect from 10 pm to 8 am. A noise warning deemed valid by Wired may result in a $2,000 fine.

6.      ACCOMMODATION ACCESS: if Wired determines, at their sole discretion, access to the accommodation is necessary due to maintenance or an emergency Wired can enter the unit at any time. Every effort will be made to provide advanced notice to the Guest.

7.       HOT TUB:  Please follow posted hot tub rules. No hot tub use after 10 pm. If the hot tub is left in a condition beyond what Wired determines to be reasonable usage and a water change is required a fee of CAD300 will apply.

8.        BEDDING CONFIGURATION:  We will contact you prior to your arrival to confirm. Bedding requests must be made a minimum of seven days prior to your arrival or within seven days of your arrival may be subject to an additional charge.

9.        PARKING:  Guests are permitted to park in the specific area as noted in your pre-arrival information.  Vehicles incorrectly parked are subject to immediate towing without warning. All towing costs are the responsibility of the Guest.

10.       CHECK-IN is 4 pm. Wired will endeavor to accommodate early check-in requests but these are not guaranteed.

11.       CHECK-OUT is 10 am. Wired will endeavor to accommodate late check-out requests but these are not guaranteed.

CAD 150 fee for every hour or part thereof for late departure may apply.

12.       CHECK-OUT RESPONSIBILITIES: The Guest is responsible to complete the following.

a.        Leave the house and kitchen tidy putting all dishes in the cupboard and /or load and run the dishwasher.

b.        Dispose of all garbage and recyclables as noted in your pre-arrival instructions.

c.        Ensure water and lights are turned off, windows closed, doors closed, locked and home secured.

REFUNDS, CANCELLATIONS, and CHANGES  (Updated January 1st, 2021)


The 4% Booking Fee is non-refundable.

Non-refundable deposit of 25%.
Final payment due 30 days prior to arrival.
No refunds with the exception of a *Travel Prohibition

*Travel Prohibition
A government imposed border closure, or travel ban, prohibiting you from leaving your home province, or from entering British Columbia allows you two options:
1. 100% credit for a future booking at any Whistler Wired property within 12 months subject to availability and rate change, or
2. 100% refund less the 4% booking fee.

14.     CHANGES: Requests to change dates and/or duration are at the sole discretion of Wired and all decisions are final.

15.     RESERVATION SIZE: The reservation is for a specific number of guests and it is not permitted to exceed the agreed upon maximum number of guests at any time without prior written permission.

16.     AGE REQUIREMENT: Minimum age requirement of the primary renter(s) is 30 years of age.

17.     NO PETS.

18.     NO SMOKING.

19.     FORCE MAJEURE:  In the event of extraordinary circumstances whereby the accommodation is not available Wired reserves the right to offer comparable replacement accommodation and/or provide the guest a full refund.

20.     PERSONAL INJURY, UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER, LACK OF SNOW AND OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES : Vacations involve the risks of personal injury, unpredictable weather, lack of snow and other circumstances beyond the control of Wired for which Wired does not provide refunds.  Wired is not responsible for any accidents or injury at Accommodation or elsewhere. The Guest is advised to consider vacation insurance from a third-party insurer.

21.     This Agreement and the obligations of the parties hereunder shall be interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia.  All monetary values referred to herein are in Canadian currency.


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